Branding: What is it and how to apply it?


What is Branding?

We understand as Branding the construction of a brand and its definition process. This goes beyond choosing a name and logo. It is to create an ecosystem where the tangible and the intangible of the brand are interconnected with the aim of launching a key message.

Branding is built with ideas, sensations, experiences, values, personality… convey a value proposition that leads to success to the company.

To differentiate is to go one step further, it means building your brand with personality, originality and in a unique way, and thus transmitting it to your target. The goal is for them to easily recognize you and identify you.

How to build it?

The purpose is to position and place your brand in the minds of consumers, for this you will have to start a marketing plan, which will specify in detail the actions and strategies to be implemented.

To carry out a branding strategy it is important to know everything about your brand, as well as its environment; competition, public, exhausted analysis of the company, to be able to respond to what the company needs. This information will be the basis for the marketing plan, it will be the manual. From here you can extract the data needed to create the personality and entity of the company.

The branding strategy must work 4 important points:

  • Define corporate value

You have to define what you want the audience to relate to when you think of your brand. Incorporate the emotional into your strategy and humanize the company. That’s what will make the difference with your competition. For example, the value of Lush is cosmetics without animal suffering and is committed to sustainability, works both corporate branding and within the competition are leaders.

  • Generate credibility and trust

You have to work on what the consumer believes in both the project and ourselves. Let them trust that we can solve their need or desire. Generating useful content and demonstrating knowledge about the subject are two important ways to achieve this. Trust is the result of the elements that form the credibility between the user and the company. Confidence is the key to sales. Showing success stories is key to building the trust sought by the public. Accepting your customers will be a key part.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

Creativity, personality and consistency will be the basis of branding construction. You have to create something consistent, well defined and unique, for easy recognition in front of your audience. Differentiating yourself will be the key to attracting and getting them to stay in your brand. People live saturated with information, advertising, they want new things, the different attracts.

  • Strengthen corporate identity

Corporate identity is formed in two parts. The first is the visual part, that is, everything that is seen of your brand. Logo, colors, typography, all the graphic part of your company, photography…

The second part is related to the brand name, the philosophy you want to convey. It is the tone in which you address your audience from your website, your social networks, advertising…

The most important thing will be, once the brand strategy is completed, to maintain the consistency of the message with the whole business, either online or offline. The lack of this will make the work done has not been of much use. You have to keep a consistent and solid image, you have to customize everything that surrounds the brand.

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    branded content

    What is Branded Content?

    Branded Content consists of generating content related to a brand that makes the user feel attracted and connected to it.