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Buyer persona: the key to your marketing strategy

buyer persona

¿What is a buyer persona?

Buyer persona is the master key in any marketing strategy. He is the ideal type of customer for a service or product. This represents the main values and characteristics of your audience. It is a model that represents hoy your client would be. It is not enough to have an idea of their likes, you have to collect the maximum information, know them to the maximum, every detail is taken into account, the exact sociodemographic data, appearance, personal conduct, online, professional, relating to the product or service.

Unlike the objective, the buyer persona defines his audience precisely and thoroughly, while the objective is a much more general concept that brings together a group of people without identity

How will the buyer persona help you?

Actually this question is answered alone. The more you know the profile of your client, the more possibilities you will have to increase your sales. Perfecting your personal buyer will help you to specify the message you want to send, how to do it and so the possibilities for success. Here you have 4 reasons in which to define the buyer persona help you:

  • When you create content, the way you do it, the tone, language… Adressing a young person is not the same as adrressing an older person. Get closer to your audience and discover what is the best way.
  • You can define better a strategy, so you can attract and retain new customers.