What is SEM positioning and how can it help you get customers?

sem positioning

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) positioning is the paid positioning method that is used to get to the first positions of results more quickly. Although this term is generally used to refer to the payment method, it actually encompasses all those strategies that have to do with ranking in search engines, including SEO, which we have talked about in previous blogs.

In this article we are going to talk about SEM understood as paid search engine positioning.

As we have said before, SEM positioning is paid search engine positioning. Its main objective is to attract new customers and gain quality traffic to the website. In previous posts we have explained that the higher you are in a search, the more chances you have of having more visits, and therefore of having more clients.

How does SEM positioning work?

In Spain, the most used search engine is undoubtedly Google, so in this post we will focus mainly on this one in particular.

When you do a search on Google, you can easily differentiate paid results from non-paid results by using the word “ad” that appears above the result. In order for your paid link to appear in the first results, we will have to buy keywords, which we will have to have previously analyzed to find us. There are many tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush or Ubersuggest that can help us choose these keywords.

Once you decide what your keywords are, you enter a bidding system in which you can decide how much you are going to pay for each click on the link. Google decides which links to sponsor according to the cost per click, which is the value given to each click, and the relevance for the user, that is, Google will give priority to those contents that will really interest users according to your searches.

In conclusion, with a good positioning strategy SEM can position your website in the first results and therefore increase your visits, which can become new customers.

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