Why is it important to have a corporate blog?

What is a corporate blog?

A corporate blog is a web page made up of articles created by a company, brand or institution. The latter are published more or less regularly and are used to provide users and the target audience with current, useful or interesting information on a specific subject.

What benefits does a corporate blog have?

Increase quality traffic to your website

Maintaining an updated corporate blog is one of the vital parts to increase quality traffic to your website. The objective of the blog is to provide added value to users and in this same way improve the experience on your page. Furthermore, this tool works on something very important: the SEO positioning of your website and the content you share in RRSS or email marketing.

The blog has worked well, with a concrete and defined digital strategy, making a specific analysis of keywords related to your sector. Thus, it will be a tool prepared to generate quality traffic to the website, which will increase the possibility of attracting new customers, due to increased sales.

Improve SEO positioning

There are two strategies to create the positioning of your website: SEO and SEM. The first is done organically through content while the second is positioned through payments that allows you to see results in the short term.

The blog will be something essential for SEO positioning, it is the main tool with which we generate content for Google. Therefore, the latter will be the key: content. You have to know the guidelines with which Google works, knowing it will be important for positioning. The goal is to create quality content that contributes to the user experience. The idea is to create a user hook-blog, following that they are pending the updates.

Build trust among readers and build customer loyalty

Ideally, your blog should be open and close to users, it must represent the company, always with honesty and clarity. It does not have to be something egocentric, it does not have to speak only of the company, the proximity with the trusted users. The blog will have a closed theme, that will allow you to approach potential customers, people interested in your service or product. The goal is to achieve the highest number of visits per published publication, and these visits convert them into leads.

Boost branding and online reputation of the brand

The blog builds online reputation, helps you define your personal brand. It is important to be consistent and take care of the content it offers, to give confidence and be able to create a feed with the user. This will be your digital presentation, so it is important to take care of it. It will strengthen the image of the company, and will contribute notoriety. From the blog, not only is online positioning created, but it is marked in the minds of readers, it is less aggressive, but effective advertising. The blog will be the best cover letter.

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