We are Altea Consulting, we are totally dedicated to digital marketing and communication consulting. Altea Consulting are characterized by our commitment and professionalism. We like our work, that’s why we are 100% dedicated to giving added value to marketing strategies and techniques for companies that join our team, adapting to each project offering all our experience in the digital world.

Comprehensive Marketing and Communication Strategy

The results are better if the actions are working together

The objective is that marketing strategies go hand in hand with communication strategies. With this, we seek to integrate communication channels and thus offer a more consistent user experience. We merge all the branding promotion methods to move a company within the market.

Digital Campaigns

Main objective: to promote the union between brand and user.

This tool is one of the most important in what involves digital marketing. It is what makes to send with force the message that is wanted to send. The strategy aims to impact the user by generating an action that leads them directly to the objectives set.


It is how they see you, that it transmits as a brand, how it defines you.

This is done through creative actions that seek to make a difference by achieving an identity. It is not a name or a logo. Branding is the process of building and managing a brand completely and strategically. . No matter the size of your business, this really makes a difference in the market. It seeks to be something different, creative and sustainable over time. It is the symbol that identifies the organization.

Community Management 

Your brand’s spokesperson on social media.

The presence in social networks will be essential as it is the showcase for companies in the online world. We create the content that the user needs, that will make them stay in your RRSS. This involves active management, will bring you closer to the customer and create a potential network. We work so that they are visible and so that the user arrives to stay.

Audiovisual content

A good image can be worth more than several simple images

We provide original options for your digital content. Our team is prepared for the creation of creative audiovisual and photography. In this way we add more visual content, easy to attract and entertaining.


The natural positioning you deserve.

We work to improve the positioning of your website with SEO in search engines, that is, we make your website more visible by prioritizing positioning in Google, the organic results are obtained. This technique, in the long run, is the most economical and effective, it is the online marketing strategy that we recommend the most. With a good SEO job you will notice the benefits in your business day by day.

Web Creation

We develop web pages, fully adapted to your potential user

In Altea Consulting create the web page you need. It is the first thing that your potential customers will see, so the reception of your digital exhibitor must capture them. We design the page for you, with the highest quality and creativity. In Altea create something practical for the ease of the buyer person, and original, so that the experience is complete. Attractive and efficient navigation.


Start strong. This is the best launch.

Working with SEM is the best way to get your organization or company off the ground. With this strategy, we seek greater visibility through paid ads. That is, advertising on Google what is offered from the web. This type of advertising facilitates results from the first day. We work to get the most out of your investment.

Event support

We accompany you in your events.

We offer support for your events, helping you to organize, and most importantly: covering the digital content of that day in RRSS. An event has to be communicated to users a priori to prepare them. During the event so that those who can follow up, and afterwards so that they can repeat a summary of what happened. All points equally important.

Email Marketing

This means, of communication will give you added value.

This digital communication strategy is used to obtain new customers, retain current customers and interact with them. The objectives are to build trust by creating an approach with the user. Email Marketing is an essential part in the growth of your business, so it is important to know how doing it. We work with the greatest creativity, since the user is used to receiving hundreds of emails.


Quality, topicality and consistency find a good blog.

Having a blog doesn’t guarantee success, but having a good blog will be. The difference is in having quality content and well managed, which will make you improve your presence in the main search engines, all this with the good use of SEO techniques. Being frequent and choosing the content well will gradually create your audience.

Inbound Marketing 

This figure is one of the essentials to achieve customer attraction.

With this system we combine advertising and marketing actions, reaching the largest number of users. It focuses on the buyer person of the company doing an exhaustive analysis. The client feels interested by the company for the offered content contributes to him, thus he is naturally attracted.


Key piece for the good maintenance of the company

We use a set of techniques and strategies to make the casual user habitual. The large percentage of techniques used by online marketing get them to perform the approach action, now the important thing is to retain them. Obtaining loyal customers in the medium and long term is a fundamental factor for your business.

The appropriate planning for your success

We are waiting for you!