5 digital marketing trends of 2020

We give you five of the latest trends in digital marketing this year.

We have already arrived in March, already finishing the first quarter of 2020 we review the results obtained, we have to keep updated on all market trends. For this reason we leave you here a summary of the news with which 2020 arrives, to be able to update those that have been succeeding so far.

1.- Personalization

Who does not like to have that feeling that the content you read goes directly to you. Enter a website and feel that it is prepared exclusively for those who read it, and this is how Amazon has accustomed to its customers, making a purchase suggestion, or Spotify, which from a few songs deduces what you might like to hear. Specialists such as the HubSpot blog say that 74% of Internet users get frustrated by not finding what they really like on a website. The personalization strategy for your brand is becoming increasingly valuable.

2.- Digital content

We are saturated with content, so it is important to offer the highest quality to our audience. Since 2015 the quality level has increased, and will continue to do so. In addition to improving Google positioning, it will transmit confidence to its target. Having the necessary technology to reach the right person and the moment will make you perfect this point.

It is increasingly common for the user to watch social networks with their mobile device, while shopping with the computer and watch a series on TV.  They are not only waiting on you. It is estimated that the use of internet devices in 2020 will be 50 billion, which is 7 times more than the world’s population. We must make an effort greater than years ago to connect with the potential client, integrate a communication strategy with enough force that your content receives more attention than the online purchase or the Netflix series they are watching.

3.- Collaborative marketing

This consists in strengthening the company-client relationship. The objective of this point is to create a cooperative relationship, and thus increase feedback and sales. 

The customer tests the product and then gives his opinion, the company collects the information. It is a win to win, the client feels important and the company receives an online presence with the content that the new ambassador uploads as well as valuable opinions. It gains presence and has the option of being able to improve the product to the needs of the consumer.

4.- Booming e-commerce

For years, this sector has gained a lot of value, but this 2020 is expected to increase potency. The customer increasingly chooses for comfort, buying from the sofa is more comfortable than going to the city center, and if in addition the e-commerce is enhanced with interesting offers that are not found in physical stores, the customer effectively leaves to stay on your sofa. This is why it is important to offer a good online shopping method, safe and practical.

5.- The demand for experts in digital marketing grows

In Spain, in the absence of university careers, postgraduate and shorter courses focused on this sector that offer the reality of the digital world are increasing. Companies are increasingly giving more value to the marketing department, which is why professionals demand more knowledge. As we said in the beginning, this sector lives in a constant variant, we must adapt to change so as not to be left behind.

To be able to respond to our market, we must keep up to date with the trends, and not leave behind those that have worked for us.

If you think we can help you apply the comments; contact us.

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