What is a Landing Page?

landing page

A Landing Page is a web page within a website, specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. It is easier than it seems to be! These pages offer something that seduces the user and make them want to leave their information through a form, which will give them access to content and other thing of interest to them.

Therefore, this page helps us to convert users into customers, hence the importance of creating a landing page designed to truly convert visitors.

How does it work?

I explain it with an example: a user enters our website through an entry in our blog or page about SEO positioning. Next, the user click on a call-to-action of a PDF about “the best SEO strategy to appear in the first results” that will direct you to our landing page. In order for the user to access this PDF we will ask them to leave us their contact information, and finally they will be redirected to a thank you page with the download link. And it is at this moment when the user becomes a lead. Having their data we have the perfect opportunity to contact them directly and in person, to influence their purchase decision.

9 tricks to create a professional landing page

  1. Clear and concise message. We want users to understand the message, without being too extensive so as not to lose their interest. 
  2. Clearly explain the value of what we offer. At all times we have to make clear the benefits that our content offers the user, so that they want to download it. 
  3. Make lists with the most important information. It helps to focus user attention on the points that we consider most important and most useful to them. 
  4. Select the appropriate number of fields in the form. It is not a question of asking until the expiration of the Id card, this can throw black many users. The key is to create a long-term relationship, since we will have more opportunities to exchange information. At first, ask for the information that you think is essential.
  5. Do not punt links that can distract the user. Delete the menu bar, and other exit links as possible. Our main objectives is to focus attention with the offer, the rest must be eliminated to avoid leaks.
  6. Include multimedia content to capture the user’s attention. A picture is worth a thousand words. A good video or a good image can be key to improve the perception of our user.
  7. Add icons to share content. It makes it easier for users to share your content on social networks, so you will have more possibilities of reaching a wider audience.
  8. Add relevant testimonials. Add positive ratings that encourage users to download content. A good opinion can be very useful to finish convincing an undecided user.
  9. Show awards or recognition. The user will positively value your achievements and will also give more value to your content.
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