Email Marketing: what you have to know

email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a tool that allows you the communication between company and client that could well be a powerful weapon in your marketing strategy. This opportunity has to be taken in advantage to offer to the client the value, and personalize it is the best option to turn potential clients into clients.

In this strategy of digital communication, we use email and we send a selected group of clients an advertisement with the news. So that the advertisement is sent massively to a list of contacts that have left their information on our website, and so they have some interest in our products or services.

The goal is to find new clients in a public that we aroused interest in some time. In other side a closer relationship develops and a loyalty by interacting with our public. The email marketing strategy augments the confidence to your company and the sales.

Why it helps you with your marketing campaign?

It is customizable

Email marketing offers you to talk in a closer way with your audience. As more personalized it be, more efficient will be the connection. This helps you to get more positive results. Even if it is a massive sending, the client receives an email with his name and adapted to his likes and interests. This is one of the features that will help you to generate more confidence with your leads and increase your sales.


It is more powerful than social media

This channel is the most used in marketing. This is due to the great conversion power it has, even stronger than social media. This tool, easily used, will be very powerful in your marketing campaign and it is one of the most profitable channels in online marketing. To obtain results it is important to have a good strategy, precise content that adds value to the public. Otherwise, your email will go to the trash.


It increases sales

It is important to add access buttons, which take you directly to the product or service offered, that’s how we increase the purchase option. The recipient may already be a loyal customer, and this is a good opportunity to show them your entire range. For example, you can make a monthly newsletter displaying valuable content that really interest your leads.



It becomes a better option when you offer promotions and news with an expiration date. The client doesn’t have a lot of time, creating a pressure situation, he feels that is now or never. This increases the conversion much more. It is important not to abuse, in the end the pressure factor will disappear. 

It is also a good way to present your latest news instantly and at the right time.

Email marketing is not SPAM

The advantage of this tool is that you can send content to a large number of people. But you have to be careful not to send worthless content, since it will go directly to SPAm and your effort will not have been worth it. Email marketing has been affected by its misuse, something that has made it lose value and that is why these points are important:

  • It is important to have a good database, updated and with prior notice to the client. Make sure that the recipient has at some point shown interest in your brand. So they accept and want your advertising.
  • Value content. The information you send must be interesting to the person that receive it. That is why it is important to know your audience well.
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