Adapt to coronavirus: the only business option

Adaptarse al coronavirus

Teleworking arrives without giving us another job option or adaptation time. The coronavirus is leaving us several changes in our habits, and in the workplace it has been no less.

An unprecedented epidemic arrives into our lives a health crisis never seen in the XXI century, which leads us to an economic crisis difficult to face. Human beings are prepared to adapt to any situation, and the software sector knows this very well. Without wanting or drinking it Spain, and many countries are facing the most advanced test and technology in history.

To get out of this with learning and without losses along the way, you will have to stop depending on a physical site, and not put all the weight in the word of mouth. In this form of work, a good online sales system takes value from the hand of good strategies and techniques of marketing and productivity. And this will be the big problem for many businesses, which are not ready for a digital change.

How to adapt to COVID-19?
  1. It is time to offer your user the highest quality in your content. When a person accesses the network, he has several options where to stop, it is easy to entertain, you have to know him well enough to know how you can attract him. Analyze more than ever the profile of your target, who he likes, what he spends the most time on. What to teach him to stay with you.
  2. It is the opportunity to increase your database; offer ebooks on your sector, weekly quality articles, the latest news on the subject that interests you, online workshops, weekly recommendations. They are practical, that these days that the only leisure can be done at home, you can give yourself more free rein.
  3. On the other hand, it is important to know how to adapt to this new method of work. Changing your pajamas as if you were going out, putting on a cologne or making a bed are tricks that can go well for you. But the most important thing will be to set daily goals, setting a schedule is probably best. Working with the pomodoro method can help you. It consists of giving small 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes worked, and after 4 rounds extend the rest time a little. It will be vital to organize work, order them by priority. Tools like Asana, Trello or Google Drive can help you at these points.

The digital sector is probably one of the least affected in this crisis, in fact, great experts see it as a great opportunity, which, as always, not all of them accommodated. Once again: adapt or die.

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